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Domestic Reverse Charge - Invoice Information

Updated: Jun 9

Reverse Charge - Invoice Information

If you are affected by the VAT Reverse Charge then you may need to know how to show this information on the invoices to your customers.

When supplying a service subject to the domestic reverse charge, suppliers must:

  • show all the information required on a VAT invoice (see download for a list).

VAT Invoice Requirements
Download PDF • 27KB

  • make a note on the invoice to make it clear that the domestic reverse charge applies and that the customer is required to account for the VAT.

  • clearly state how much VAT is due under the reverse charge, or the rate of VAT if the VAT amount cannot be shown, but the VAT should not be included in the amount charged to the customer.

Here is an example of how a VAT Reverse Charge invoice may look like.

VAT Reverse Charge Invoice Example
Download PDF • 101KB

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